Written Tattoos: Customize them to Fit You

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Fantastic Chinese Writing Tattoos On Forearm Tattoo

I recently accompanied a fellow writer friend to get his latest tattoo. He had wanted to get this one for a while, so it was a particularly exciting evening when it finally happened. Once the process was finished, the phrase “life in every word, to the point that it’s absurd” which he fell in love with when he first started listening to The Postal Service years ago, could be seen in blank ink on the interior of his wrist.

Written Tattoos: Customize Them To Fit You

Like my friend, many people opt to incorporate text into their tattoo experiences. And it’s very easy to see why they do so: Written tattoo ideas can easily stand on their own or add further detail to an imaged based tattoo. If you’re looking to get a tattoo, consider the many written tattoo ideas that can inspire your newest piece of ink. They are an important element to ponder when planning your first – or an additional – tattoo, since they hold the potential to make your tattoo experience all the better. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but why not directly have the words themselves as an even clearer form of self expression?

Written Tattoos Hold And Find The One That Would Be The Best Fit For You

There is definitely not a shortage of written tattoo ideas for men at all. Words can be a representation of a favorite quote in tattoo form. Your favorite song lyrics, literature quotes, or sayings can be a part of you in tattoo form. Love AC/DC? Your favorite line from your favorite song can be incorporated into your next tattoo. Have a quote that you’ve always been drawn to? That can be incorporated into one of your future tattoos, too. The possibilities of written tattoo ideas for men are quite endless – you can literally have anything included in your new written tattoo, from a line from James Joyce to your favorite quote from How I Met Your Mother. Any string of words that you wish can now be a part of your ink, a permanent part of your physical existence. Written tattoos are an excellent vehicle for self expression. My writer friend, for example, has his great love of words in tattoo form for all to see. Consider all of the possibilities that written tattoos hold and find the one that would be the best fit for you.

There are also numerous script tattoo ideas for men. You can get your written tattoo in a specific font, thereby personalizing the work even further. You’re not run of the mill, so you want your ink to be unique. A script tattoo is a good way to achieve this. More script tattoo ideas for men can stem from choosing a font that fits the feel of your tattoo, particularly if your design contains images as well. You can use the diversity of fonts available in this technological day and age to create a specific feel for your latest tattoo, and it is practically guaranteed that the resulting level of customization will be well worth your time.

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