Zodiac Sign Tattoos Pictures

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Zodiac Sign Tattoos Pictures

To be inked with a zodiac tattoo means that you love astrology and what is design symbols mean in your life. The zodiac symbols are the more popular way of tattooing the 12 astrological signs onto the body. The Capricorn tattoo is symbolized by a combined “v and s” shape and whose animal sign is the sea goat. Aquarius is the symbol of two wavy lines above each other and its constellation is a man pouring out life’s liquid or two hands, cupped together holding a liquid. Aries is the “ram,” but the favorite tattoo is its “horn” symbol, attached to a long thin line. Taurus the “bull” is tattooed as the letter “u” sitting atop the letter “o.” The Gemini Twins are a symbol of two straight lines with a top and bottom “u” shape symbol.

Virgo Tattoos Pictures

A tattoo of the Cancer crab zodiac sign features two sixes above and below one another. Leo the lion is a wave style symbol with a closed loop at the end. The Virgo tattoos pictures an “m” lettering with an attached loop. Virgo tattoos pictures represent “the virgin,” which denotes the earth. A half circle with handles on either end and a line drawn beneath it, is the zodiac symbol for the Libra sign. The letter “m” with an arrow pointing upwards is the tattoo symbol for the Scorpio sign, while the “arrow” with a line drawn across its middle, is the Sagittarius tattoos pictures. This “archer” is the symbol for the Sagittarius tattoos pictures. Pisces is tattooed featuring two side by side curved lines with a line drawn across its middle. Pisces is the sign of the fish.

Zodiac sign tattoos pictures are usually accompanied by flowers, animals, or a form of what each zodiac sign represents, which is the earth, wind, water, and fire. A tattoo variation of each sign can also be inked on the skin, such as the Archer symbol for a Sagittarian can feature the fire sign which is a part of its symbol. An arrow on fire could be a tattoo for this sign, just like a fish in the water could represent a Pisces sign. Because zodiac sign tattoos pictures are one of the more popularly inked designs around the world.

Sagittarius Tattoos Pictures

Men and women both love zodiac tattoos on their ankles, wrists, necks, and sometimes covering their whole back. Men favor the large animal symbols of each zodiac sign, usually in a shaded black artistic coloring. Other tattoo wearers will feature all the symbols of their zodiac sign, such as the Libra symbol with a liquid spilling out of a jug and a justice weight. A zodiac sign tattoos pictures can also feature a combination of two symbols, depending upon what date their birthday falls on.

No matter which Zodiac symbol is chosen as an artistic tattoo symbol, the coloring is spread among various artistic symbols which makes the human body the perfect canvas. The global fascination with astrology and its symbols, has fascinated man since ancient times and its connection to humanity and the physical universe. As a result, astrological tattoo interests has grown substantially.

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